Friday, May 6, 2011

Marshall Islands

My first card from the Marshall Islands.  It's a bit beat up because it had to travel such a long way but I'm happy that it arrived.  The Marshall Islands is a Micronesian nation of islands and atolls in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.  It has a population of about 62,000 people.

The card was sent by Dragonfly who is a Taiwanese volunteer living on the island.  She says that it shows traditional transportation between islands called the "Canoe".


Erin Dawn said...

I've dreamed of going to the Marshall Islands since I was a kid!

Emilio Fernandez said...

Congratulations Mandy for getting a card from this country so difficult to get mail from there

KSzP said...

Hello Mandy,
Congratulations for getting a card from such a hard-to-get country. My name's Peter and I'd like to help you with some countries to make your collection complete (and perhaps you can help me with Marshall Islands). Please write to me to:
In the meanwhile you can see my postcard collection at:

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